Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I got money!

I advertised on NYSILLY LINK FARM. They have this thing where you can win 50 dollars if you advertise, so I did. For a few penny I got about 20 clicks (if I'm reading it right) and I WON THE 50 DOLLARS!

Thank you, NYSilly's Link Farm.


  1. Congrats for you, you definitely deserve it.

  2. wow congrats its a huge amount for me =) .. maybe i'll check how it works?

  3. i would say "you deserve it" too, but... doesn't they give 50$ to the advertiser with the *least amount of clicks*?

    i've spent $1,5 on CMF Ads to see how it works, and it gave me 27 clicks for 50k+ ads impressions. As far as i remember NYSilly's ads aren't that cheap - for the same amount of clicks?

  4. Thanks, everyone.

    NYSilly used to be w/ Project Wonderful. They changed their reward system when they went to CMF.