Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm interrupting the story here to talk about Entrecard.

They're having this contest where they give away 5000 credits if you post the pro's and con's. Although, it's not really a contest if everyone wins, is it?

More info at


Well, it brought a lot of visitors to my blog. Over 3000.

I discovered some blogs I never would have known.


Many of those visitors are there just to drop cards, not read my blog.

Dropping can be time-consuming, though that's really more by personal choice.

I visit many blogs that I otherwise wouldn't read.
Or is that a pro?


  1. It can be a pro. S'how I found this place, Cheap Geeks, and Writer's Life. Been busy with life blindsiding me... so rather grateful my co-blogger has helped keep things moving on my site.

    I wonder if it counts if I've done a prior review and edit in appropriate links. Nah. Will link to those reviews in the new post though.

  2. I read. well, most of it. just to know what the sites is about, if it attracts me, I keep on reading, even bookmarked it. if it doesn't, then yes... I'll just drop the card. :)

  3. Not sure if you received the message but we unfortunately got the boot from PW so we are now on CMFADS, you can advertise with us there.

    -p.s. your $50 you won from us should be issued sometime this week with the email you gave us.

    Your friends,