Friday, September 10, 2010


I needed clothes. What did I… Of course! "Lisa!" She leaned in close to listen to me. I could only imagine how high-pitched and squeaky my voice must be. "Lisa, my old dolls! Up there in my closet on the top shelf. Miss Floppy-ear looks about my size. The rabbit. Right in the middle, between Mr. Bugwug and Miss Keepy."

Lisa looked at me oddly. She asked, "Are you on a first-name basis w/ any of your toys?"

She grabbed the stuffed rabbit and put it down next to me. I pulled off Miss Floppy-ear's shirt and shorts. The shirt was a little too big for me, and the shorts were much too big and had a large hole in the back for a tail, but it would have to do for now.

I asked Lisa to bring me to the kitchen. She picked me up in her hand, somewhat uncomfortably. "Uh… put me on your shoulder, I guess?" She did.

Lisa seemed to me to be the size of a small building. I might as well have been six or seven stories above the ground.

This thought occurred to me just before I slipped off her shoulder and fell to the floor.

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