Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Who is this Debby Small person, anyway?

Okay, a blog.

I’m already famous, but people still want to know more and more about me. My agent says a blog could be good publicity. My therapist says it could help me work out "issues". Lisa says if it keeps me from bugging her so much, she's all for it.

There's a lot to me. My name is Debra Macen Small. People call me Debby. I'm a brunette. I'll be twenty-five this October. I'm an assistant manager at a Fas-Save supermarket (assuming I can still do the job). I'm taking an online course in Business Management and Administration from Averton University. I have a boyfriend, Thomas Guerrera, but, to be honest, we've been going through a bit of a rough patch these past few weeks, even before this whole thing started. I have a younger sister named Michelle Riler Small. I have a room-mate, Lisa Takahashi. I…

And none of that matters. The only thing you care about me, the only thing you'd even notice now, is that I'm six and a half inches (16.8 cm) tall! Small enough for you to pick up in one hand!

Did that sound harsh? I didn't mean to sound harsh. It's just been a very, very bad and very, very weird week, and I'm still trying to deal.

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