Friday, September 17, 2010

A Jump to the left…

So there I was, on the carpet, mostly unhurt, just stunned by what I had just learned about falling. I got to my feet almost immediately and hitched up my shorts. Lisa crouched down, looked worried.

"I'm okay, I think," I said. "Let's get some coffee. I gotta get ready for work." Lisa held out her hand for me to get on it, and I jumped up.

Remember what I said last post about how gravity seems different to me in my new condition? Turns out my jumping ability is, in real terms, a little better than before. In scale terms, much, much, much better than before. I can jump vertically over two feet (about four times my height). My broad jump is close to six feet. And that's w/out a running start! Again, more info I didn't have at the time.

So I jumped what I thought would put me in Lisa's hand. I flew as if I'd been thrown off a fast-moving car.

Before either of us could react (remember, my reaction time is against the real distances involved, not the scale equivalent of what the distance would be), I collided w/ Lisa, just below her neck, and tumbled into her blouse.

Lisa made a sort of an eeep sound, and quickly reached in and pulled me out.

She held me carefully (later we'd learn that I'm not overly fragile and don't need to be handled like I'm made of glass).

"Oh, crap!" Lisa said. "Are you okay?"

"Aside from living every school-boy's fantasy, I'm fine. Why don't you ever wear a bra?"

"If I'd known my boobies were going to have a visitor, I would have." Then w/ her other hand she reached into her blouse again and pulled out my shorts. They'd slipped off w/out me noticing.

This time I eeeped.


  1. Embarassments aside the implications interest me.

    I am, by no stretch, terribly scientifically minded however things jump out here.

    1. Lisa was actually able to pick you up. This means your mass wasn't compressed, otherwise that would be.. well... OK I'm not sure where the rest of it would've went (or anything else about the transition.) However your apparent jump in strength relative to new size is interesting.

    2. Oh gee... you can breath. That's a biggie. The fact your body is able to process oxygen is interesting. i'm not sure how since if everything shrunk then the little sacs in your lungs wouldn't have been able to.. you know.

    Forget the techno-mumbo-jumbo. I can think of no process that would explain this short of 'a wizard did it.'

  2. I don't know about the scientific aspects, but you've got me checking inside my bra a lot more now.

  3. On reflection I have to wonder if textures feel different now than before as well as other things like how hearing/vision has changed.

    Plus I'm wondering if foods taist an different or how much it takes to fill up. Sure she's shrunk a great deal, but she now has even less internal volume.

    Sorry, just one of those 'my head won't stop thinking.' things.



  4. How nice to meet you Ms Small. I have to tell you I thought I was already strange for associating with Ratty who is a big white rat. I will be following your progress closely as you find your way in this world.